Students of the Department of Food Science and Technology are required to prepare a Bachelor's Thesis (a prerequisite for receiving the degree).

The students, following consultation with the supervising professor, submit an application to undertake a Bachelor/Diploma Thesis topic (attached) to the Department Secretariat, which is approved by a decision of the General Assembly of the Department. In the same decision, the Department Assembly designates the supervising professor. After the completion of the thesis, the supervisor appoints the Three-member Examining Committee for the approval of the thesis, in which he also participates. Members of the Examining Committee can be members of D.E.P., or members of other categories of teaching staff in accordance with the applicable legislation, or lecturers of other Departments of the institution with the same or related field of study as the subject of the work to be prepared.

The preparation of the Bachelor/Diploma Thesis is done individually by each student or, if the nature of the subject requires so, by a group of maximum of two (2) students, provided that the individual work and contribution of both students, during both the preparation and the presentation of the work is distinct.

The Thesis must be completed within one academic semester. The completion time can be extended by one semester with the consent of the supervising professor. In exceptional cases and upon a reasoned request of the student, the time to complete the work can be extended for another semester. After the end of the three (3) semesters, the student will have to re-submit an application to undertake the Bachelor/Diploma Thesis.

Students, with their application to the Assembly of the Department, can request a maximum of one change of subject of Bachelor/Diploma Thesis and/or supervisor.

The presentation of the thesis may be attended by other members of the academic community (teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD candidates, etc.).

For the thesis examination, the supervising professor informs the Department Secretariat and the members of the examination committee. The student is responsible for submitting a copy of the Bachelor's/Diploma Thesis in electronic and/or paper form to the examination committee. The members of the Three-Member Committee attend the presentation of the work and ask questions, in order to form an opinion on the correctness and completeness of the followed approach and the solution given to the problem as well as on the degree of participation of each of the student participants in the preparation of the work, in case there are more than one. The members of the Three-member Committee independently judge and grade each of the student participants in the work preparation group. The degree of the Bachelor/Diploma Thesis for each of the students results from the average score of the members of the Three-member Committee. The supervising professor submits to the Department's Secretariat the examination record with the members' score.

If a Bachelor/Diploma Thesis is deemed incomplete, it is referred for additional processing. In this case, the presentation takes place on a date indicated by the Three-Member Committee, after consultation with the student, at which point the examination process is repeated.

All completed assignments are deposited in the University Library and Information Center. The submission of assignments by students is mandatory and is controlled by the Department Secretariat.

Updated: 05-07-2023
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