The General Assembly of the Department of Food Science and Technology of the School of Environment of the Ionian University, consists of the following members:

Head of Department

Nikolaos Kopsahelis, Associate Professor


Vice-head of Department

Antonios Moustakas, Associate Professor


Teaching Staff

Ioannis Samaras, Professor

Effimia Eriotou, Associate Professor

Panagiotis Kandylis, Associate Professor

Charilaos Giotis, Associate Professor

Dimitra Dimitrellou, Associate Professor

Eirini Katsalirou, Associate Professor

Pavlos Bouchagier, Associate Professor

Aikaterini Papadaki, Associate Professor

Efstathia Skotti, Associate Professor


Laboratory Teaching Personnel

Sotiria Milla


Special Technical Personnel

Eleni Sakadani


For the administrative and secretarial support of the Department, secretarial duties are carried out by Mrs. Elpiniki Voutsina, Technical Education Branch employee.

Updated: 29-06-2023
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