The Department of Food Science and Technology is housed in 2 buildings, at the entrance to the city of Argostoli.

Building A:

Departmental Secretariat

Faculty Member Offices

Student Union Office

Chemistry Research Laboratory

Food Research Laboratory

Computer Lab

Toxicity & Bioactive Molecules Control Laboratory

Amphitheater A

3 Teaching rooms (a1, A2, A3)

Storage room



Building B:

Faculty Member Offices

Special Research and Teaching Personnel Offices

Laboratory for Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation

Laboratory for Wine and Spirits Quality Control

Laboratory for Biological Plant Protection and Technology of Fruits & Vegetables

Laboratory for Food Microbiology

Laboratory of Soil Science

Laboratory for Physiology and Aromatic Plants

Amphitheater B

Storage room



It also shares a library and a teleconference room in collaboration with the Department of Digital Media and Communication (housed in Βuilding C of the Argostoli Campus).

Updated: 15-04-2024
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