Contact phone: +30 26710 27101

E-mail: (Administrative Matters) - (Student Matters)

Contact: Elpiniki Voutsina

Opening hours: 7:30-15:30

Student contact hours: 9:30-11:30 daily

The Department's Secretariat provides administrative and secretarial support for all matters that fall within the Department's responsibilities. Indicatively, the responsibilities of the Secretariat include the following:

  • Providing administrative and secretarial support for all matters falling under the Department's responsibilities.
  • Keeping the protocol and seal of the Department.
  • Drafting, typeseting, processing and filing Department correspondence.
  • Being responsible for the coordination of the educational activity (e.g. matters mentioned in the timetable, the implementation of the exams, etc.).
  • Being responsible for the procedures related to registrations, transfers and qualifying exams.
  • Granting the necessary certificates of student status.
  • Organising the disposal of educational aids to students.
  • Keeping the minutes of the Department.
  • Maintaining student and graduate records.
  • Keeping the registers of scientific and educational activity of members of the E.P.
  • In collaboration with the general secretary, reorganizes the administrative procedures for the most efficient operation of the administration.
Updated: 24-06-2023
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