Laboratory for Soil Science

The activities of the laboratory focus on the effect of soil on food production and quality. More specifically, the laboratory (i) performs analyses of soil, plant tissues and products of plant production, irrigation water, soil conditioners, etc., (ii) provides consulting services and training to farmers, (iii) is active in the classification and mapping of soils, (iv) conducts research related with soil fertility and microbiology, plant nutrition and food production, and soil functions related to biodiversity and climate change.

Laboratory equipment includes: Soil samplers, analytical balances, vortex, stirrers, centrifuges, ignitors, high-temperature ignitors, incubation chambers, water baths, pH-meters, conductivity meter, flame photometer, apparatus for measuring the stability of soil aggregates, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV-spectrophotometer Vis, Kjeldahl apparatus, CNOH-S auto analyzer etc.

Updated: 26-06-2023
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