The Department of Food Science and Technology participates in the Foundation's Asynchronous Distance Learning Platform. The introduction of asynchronous tele-education offers new possibilities in education, as it is the means that provides ways of continuous communication and interaction between the teacher and the student.


The aim of the platform is to provide education and training infrastructure regardless of the limiting factors of space and time of classical teaching. To achieve this goal, the platform supports the electronic organization, storage and presentation of the educational material in a digital format, which is directly accessible from the Internet regardless of the actual teaching time of the course. In addition, students are provided with the opportunity to communicate with the professor of the course, communicate with fellow students in the context of group work, and for timely information by monitoring announcements regarding the course.

In order to have access to the available courses on the platform, students must have an e-mail address at the Ionian University and apply for user registration at the online address https://opencourses.ionio.gr/.

Updated: 05-07-2023
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