Support Services - Student Care

Food catering

The Department of Food Science and Technology provides catering to its students. Meals are provided free of charge to students who meet the criteria of Joint Ministerial Decision No. F5/68535/Β3/18-06-2012.

The student restaurant is located within the surroundings of the Department's facilities and is a few meters away from the main building.

Applications for free meals are usually submitted during the month of October for existing students, while for newly admitted students during their registration.

For any additional information, students can contact the Department Secretariat (tel: 26710 27101).


Students of the Department of Food Science and Technology, who are not insured by any institution, are entitled to free, full medical, pharmaceutical and hospital care in the National Health System, during their studies, increased by half (a total of six years).

The validation of the student health book is recommended to be completed at the beginning of each academic year by the Department Secretariat (stamping with the Institution's round seal, in order to confirm the student status).


Student loans are provided in accordance with Presidential Decree 360/83. Student scholarships are granted by IKY ) (, based on academic performance.

Housing-Housing Allowance

The procedures and supporting documents to grant housing allowance are governed by KYA 2993/2017, as amended by the Official Gazette 1688/15-05-2019 and the respective annual explanatory circulars.

A condition for the submission of the application is that the student for whom the allowance is granted must be a Greek citizen or a citizen of another European Union country, must hold a valid academic ID and an A.F.M. Citizenship is linked only to the person of the student and not to his parents or guardians.

Electronic applications are submitted annually electronically, via the website of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, in the special housing benefit application.

Support Services

The state, through the Ionian University, provides a range of administrative, financial and other services to students for the smoothest possible completion of their studies, such as social welfare scholarships, housing allowance, free meal schemes, medical and hospital care, counseling and psychological support, internet access, etc.

Updated: 17-04-2024
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