Doctoral Studies

The Department of Food Science and Technology of the School of Environment of the Ionian University offers the possibility to undertake a Doctoral Studies Program (Ph.D.S) in research areas falling within the research interests and/or the knowledge subjects of the Faculty members of the Department.

Applicants may submit an application throughout the academic year to the Department Secretariat. The application to be qualified for a Doctoral Dissertation is addressed to the Assembly of the Department and must state the following information:

  • proposed title of the Doctoral Dissertation
  • proposed writing language of the Doctoral Dissertation (Greek or English).
  • proposed Supervisor of the Doctoral Dissertation, who have the right to supervise a Doctoral Dissertation according to law 4485/2017, Article 39, paragraph 1.

The thesis application is accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • detailed CV
  • Draft of Doctoral Dissertation
  • certified copy of university degree or diploma of the internal or equivalent foreign degree recognized by DOATAP.
  • certified copy of Masters Degree of the internal or equivalent foreign degree recognized by DOATAP.
  • copy of detailed grade transcript of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • two letters of recommendation from University Faculty members and/or Researchers employed in Research Centers.
  • Copies of theses completed in previous undergraduate or graduate degree programs.
  • Certificates of any previous professional and/or research experience.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the English language, level B2 or superior.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the Greek language of at least B2 level, if the candidate is a foreigner. The adequacy of the knowledge of the Greek language for foreign candidates is proven when the candidate: i) has completed secondary education studies in Greece or at a Greek-speaking school abroad, ii) has completed a full cycle of undergraduate studies at a Greek University or Τechnological Educational Institute, or has a certificate of successful attendance of at least two (2) years in a Greek tertiary institution (Greek University or Τechnological Educational Institute) or iii) holds a Greek language proficiency certificate from a state-recognized institution providing such certificates to foreigners.

The Department Assembly can add other criteria, such as copies of assignments, conferences, research work, course attendance, etc.

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