The study program consists of eight (8) academic semesters which comprise of thirty-seven (37) compulsory courses, four (4) elective courses [out of a total of ten (10) courses], a thesis and a 2-month internship.

To obtain the degree, a successful examination in forty-one (41) courses is needed, along with the preparation of a thesis and a 2-month internship, which add up to a total of 240 Credit Units (P.M. or ECTS) (30 P.M. per semester).

The final grade of the degree equals the quotient of the sum of the obtained course grades over credit units [Course Grade x Course Credit Units (ECTS)] divided by the total number of credit units (excluding those of practical training). The courses for the calculation of the degree include the degree/diploma thesis with the corresponding credits (13 ECTS).

It should be clarified that the students can carry out their 2-month internship under the following conditions:

  • they are attending the 6th semester or higher of studies (exception: when an internship will be carried out abroad through Erasmus+ they can apply from the 5th semester of studies),
  • they have attended and have been successfully examined in at least 50% of all the courses of the first six (6) semesters of the study program, including seven (7) of the 14 specialization courses.

For the Degree grade calculation, the Internship is not taken into account as it is not evaluated with a grade.

The Grade of each Course (which also has a laboratory part) is calculated taking into account the following equation: Course Grade = (Course Theory Grade x 60%) + (Course Laboratory Grade x 40%).

Updated: 12-04-2024
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