Laboratory for Food Chemistry and Industrial Fermentation

The laboratory performs research on fermentation technology and food chemistry, the analysis of food and agro-industrial renewable raw materials (e.g. agro-industrial waste and by-product streams), their biotechnological valorization along with the development of innovative bioprocesses to generate high added value products in the frame of circular bioeconomy.

Ιndicatively, the laboratory equipment consists of: Incubation chambers, ultrasound bath, water baths, UV/vis spectrophotometer, rotary evaporators, Kjeldahl device, soxhlet, milkoscan (FTIR), -80 freezers, -30 freezers, refrigerators, microcentrifuge, centrifuge, device lyophilization, HPLC (DAD, Fluoresence and RI), GC-FID, electrospinning apparatus, texture analyzer, rheometer, microscopes, pH-meters, vortex shakers, autoclaves, heated magnetic stirrers, microplate reading spectrophotometer, FT-IR, Super and Sub-critical CO2 extraction, bioreactor etc.

Updated: 12-04-2024
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