Academic Advisors

According to article 58 of the Internal Regulations of the Ionian University, the Assembly of each Department assigns the duties of an Academic Advisor to one or more professors of the Department in order to advise and support the first-year students, mainly, so as to facilitate their transition from secondary to higher education. Through their educational, research and work experience, they provide support and guidance to students on issues related to the progress and successful completion of their studies, as well as career issues.

According to the 11th/23-06-2023 Meeting of the General Assembly of the Department of Food Science & Technology, the Academic Advisors of the ac. year 2023-2024 are the following faculty members:

A-year students: Aikaterini Papadaki, Assistant Professor

Second year students: Dimitra Dimitrellou, Assistant Professor

Third year students: Irini Katsalirou, Assistant Professor

Fourth (and older) year students: Antonios Moustakas, Associate Professor

Updated: 12-04-2024
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